What I Offer

Are you curious as to how us tidying together would work?  Perhaps you’d never thought of hiring someone to help you tidy, but it can make the whole process quicker, easier and lots more fun than tackling it alone.

My Role

As your Tidying Coach, I will work with you to declutter your home, one category at a time, following the guidelines of the KonMari Method™. Tidying sessions of between 3 and 6 hours can be booked at intervals to suit your lifestyle, commitments and budget. This can be anything from one session per month to a week-long intensive! During each tidying session, I will guide you through the process, as you decide what to keep and what to let go of. I will provide practical help, emotional support and buckets of encouragement every step of the way.

Our end goal is a tidy home which will never revert to clutter and, more often than not, you will experience some positive inner changes along the way. By keeping you focussed and accountable, you will see results much faster than any solo tidying effort.

I fully understand the challenges of becoming, and staying tidy, but I have 100% faith you can succeed if you have the commitment to complete the journey with me.

If this interests you don't forget to check whether you live within the area where I work.

“When I realised I was avoiding dealing with my clutter, I reached out to Andie and she was amazing. It was a huge relief to get rid of so much stuff and tackling it was no way as bad as if I’d done it alone. Andie made it into something I could manage. . .and we had a laugh! There was no telling me what to do or making me wrong, which was what I got before when a family member came to ‘help’. ”
Client C

Why Choose Me to Help You Tidy?

Professional organisers are not yet as common in the UK as they are in other countries such as the United States. KonMari Consultants are an even rarer breed, with less than 20 currently certified in the UK. So what makes me the right person to help you tackle your clutter?

* Firstly, I’ve been there myself, having lived with clutter for years, and I understand just how draining and frustrating it can be. I’m also super-confident there is a solution!

* As an experienced teacher and tutor, I am calm, patient and understanding, I won’t judge where you’re at or how you got there. Quite the opposite - I'm always inspired by the courage of my clients to admit they need my help.

* I lovelovelove tidying!  Organisation is my superpower,  I am unfazed by clutter and I love a challenge.  So if you dread the thought of tackling your mountains of stuff, rest assured I have enough enthusiasm to make sessions fun for the both of us!

* My training as a life coach means I can assist you in identifying your values and life goals, and examine the patterns holding you back, all through gentle questioning as we tidy together, nothing too heavy (promise).

* As a Certified KonMari™ Consultant, I have the necessary expertise and experience to guide you through this process successfully. Other clients have made it, and are now living clutter-free lives that spark joy - so can you!

Now you know what to expect, why not gather up your courage and get in touch? I’d really love to hear from you. If you have any further questions check out my FAQs. I’ll also be more than happy to answer them for you during our free phone consultation, or via email if you prefer.

“When you see Andie at work, you know she knows what she is doing and is passionate about it. You can’t help but be inspired. She knows how to be creative about how to store things and make spaces work best. I know I’m extremely lucky to have had Andie guide me through the process. The results speak for themselves!”
Client H