Homes Transformed

We all love a transformation, don’t we?  I’ve been a fan ever since ‘Changing Rooms’ first hit our screens in the 1990s.

The before and after photos on this page are all of homes I have personally worked in, shared with the kind permission of the happy clients who live in them.  Click and drag the central arrow in each picture to witness the transformations!


When clothes that spark joy are neatly folded and clearly visible, choosing what to wear every day becomes easy and fun.


It’s easy for book lovers to accumulate too many books for the space available.  Once books have been sorted using the KonMari Method™, the whole bookshelf can spark joy for the owner once more. 

“It’s hard to believe almost half my books have gone but I’m confident that I won’t miss what I’ve let go of. What’s left is what I want and I love the way it looks!”
Client L


Most of us have piles of papers – in multiple locations – that we don’t necessarily need to keep.  The KonMari Method™ helps my clients let go of papers with confidence so the amount they need to store is minimal. 

“Since sorting our paperwork with Andie, we now have a system for incoming papers so they no longer pile up”
Client H

Kitchen Items

Cluttered worktops can make working in the kitchen stressful, especially if space to prepare food is limited.  Once kitchen cupboards are thoroughly decluttered we often find room inside them to house appliances, freeing up workspace for a calmer look and feel. 

“Our kitchen is now properly organised and easy to maintain rather than being ‘superficially tidy’, which is all I ever used to manage before.”
Client H
“If you want a kitchen that you can enjoy cooking in, aim for one that’s easy to clean…the effort of removing things from the cupboard doesn’t seem stressful at all”
Marie Kondo

Bed Linen & Towels

Cupboards containing a disorganised mountain of stuff make finding what you need difficult and stressful.  Once they’ve been tidied life is much easier.

Cleaning Supplies

With the KonMari Method™ no space is left untouched.  Even this utility room under-sink cupboard is transformed.

Children's Areas

This ‘random junk cupboard’ – as the client referred to it – was decluttered and completely repurposed for a young child’s art and craft supplies.  It was located near the dining table where he loved to get creative and was clearly labelled so he could tidy away afterwards.  It was a big hit, especially once he’d named and decorated it!

Other Spaces

Spare rooms can often become cluttered if there are belongings which don’t have a home.  Once everything has been tidied, the room can be used for its true purpose again, whether it’s as a guest room, office or nursery-to-be.

Rest assured that no matter how cluttered your space has become, I will not judge where you’re at or how you got there.  I only focus on what’s possible moving forward and how we can free up space for you to live your best life.  This client was over the moon to reclaim her guest bedroom which had been a ‘dumping ground’ for years.

“There’s no way I’d have been able to do it on my own. There was so much stuff I didn’t know where to start, how to go about it, it was overwhelming. Andie came in and didn’t judge, she just couldn’t wait to get started. She was confident we could do it which was what I needed.”
Client C

Garage clutter can make using the area for its intended purpose impossible.  Here my client’s workbenches were inaccessible until we decluttered the whole space.

The gardener who owns this shed was ‘chuffed’ to be able to use his potting bench again once we had decluttered and reorganised his tools and supplies together.

Sentimental Items

This category is the one we leave until last, as it can be emotional for many clients, and the support of a consultant during the decision-making process can be a blessing. 

“After tidying sentimental keepsakes, I felt a lot clearer. I felt confident letting go of many things I’d been holding on to, knowing that I’d find wonderful homes to display the treasured kept items in our new home.”
Client H
"By handling each sentimental item. . .you process your past. If you just stow things away in a drawer or cardboard box. . .your past will become a weight that holds you back and keeps you from living in the here and now. To put your things in order means to put your past in order too. It’s like resetting your life. . .so that you can take the next step forward."
Marie Kondo

Can you imagine what your home would look like if every area was transformed in this way?  It’s completely possible.  Maybe the next ‘home transformed’ will be yours…if this thought appeals to you then don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking on the button below.  (Don’t worry, I won’t post pictures of your home without your permission.  But if you’re anything like the clients featured here, you’ll be so thrilled with the results of our work together you’ll be keen to show the world what’s possible!)