Helen's Story

If longer, more in-depth testimonials spark joy for you, make yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy. . . Helen’s Story.


The Need to Tidy

I decided to hire Andie at a time of great change for our family. Pregnant with my second child, we were keen to relocate to a different county to be nearer to family. But we’d received no offers to buy our house and my due date was getting closer. I felt swamped by clutter - cupboards and drawers stuffed with things (thrown in then closed quickly to keep them in!) Keeping on top of it all was draining me, and there was the added pressure of getting the house ready for viewings.

Moving or Staying?

I realised that decluttering our house would mean it looked at its best for viewings from potential buyers as well as limiting the volume of possessions we had to take with us if the house sold.  If it didn’t sell, we’d have a clutter-free home to live in, maximising the space available to make it work for a family of four.  It seemed like a win-win.


Working with a Consultant

I didn’t realise quite how much my clutter was bringing me down until we started the process. From my very first session with Andie, the impact was clear. I felt ‘itching to get blitzing’ with the rest of it - I could see my vision of my ideal home becoming a reality. Getting the stuff out for each category made me realise the ridiculousness of it all! It felt so good to get rid. We really got to the root of the clutter and, by watching Andie at work, I internalised the KonMari™ principles along the way.


By session seven we’d had an offer on our house, from a couple who’d previously viewed it and dismissed it before Andie had worked her magic!! Tidying had made the whole house look more spacious and shown how the built in storage could be maximised to meet the needs of a family. It also became a joy to live in as the pregnancy progressed and much easier to keep tidy as we spent more time away, house hunting for ourselves.


The Life Changing Magic

I’m so glad I hired Andie - I rave about her to whoever will listen. I got far more than a tidy home - it has transformed my life! I feel more in control and less overwhelmed day-to-day by things to do. By the end of the sessions, I’d fallen back in love with our house and was no longer worried about staying there if it didn’t sell. I could see that actually we did have space.

Added Bonuses

This process has transformed how I feel about tidying - I’ve realised I can do it and maintain it! I never before thought that was possible, especially with children. Who would have thought I would discover joy in tidying? I always thought it was a chore to quickly get through in order to do what I really wanted! Working with Andie and the KonMari Method has changed all that for me.

Another unexpected bonus is that my partner, who was initially sceptical, got fully on board when he saw the improvements in the rest of the house – so much so that he worked with Andie to declutter our garage.  My five year old has embraced the process too and is a huge fan of the folding method.  Staying tidy is much easier when it’s a family effort!

Keeping Tidy

I am now passionate about having a tidy environment - for me, space is more important than stuff. We have more relaxing, quality, family time, rather than endless household chores. Everything is so much calmer, including me. I often look around feeling sure there should be something more to do!

I cannot recommend Andie’s services highly enough – hiring her was one of the best decisions I’ve made for our family. If your clutter is getting you down, she really can make a huge difference, so why not give her a call?