Do you long to live in a home that feels calm, spacious and joyful?

Are you:

  • tired of being surrounded by clutter?​
  • fed up with failed attempts to keep your home tidy?​
  • overwhelmed at the thought of tackling all your stuff?​
  • open to trying a new approach to changing your surroundings for the better?​
  • looking for some help and support to declutter once and for all?

You’ve come to the right place.

Welcome, I'm so glad you found me.

My name is Andie Bright and I work as a Tidying Coach in Swindon and the surrounding area. After living with clutter myself for decades, I am finally enjoying all the benefits of a calm and tidy home environment. The KonMari Method™ has been the catalyst for that transformation and I’m extremely grateful - and proud - to have been trained by Marie Kondo and her team to become Wiltshire’s first and only Certified KonMari™ Consultant.

As your Tidying Coach I will:

  • teach you skills and techniques to enable you to tidy your home once and for all in a way that’s easy to keep organised once I leave.
  • partner with you to declutter your belongings using a proven step-by-step approach, gently letting go of what you no longer love or need.
  • provide practical hands-on help as well as emotional support so that the whole experience is collaborative, focused and fun.
  • offer encouragement and motivation between sessions to enable you to stay focused until you complete your tidying journey and arrive at ‘Destination: Tidy Home’

Are you keen to take the first step? Contact me to arrange your free phone consultation to discuss your specific needs and challenges and how I can support you in achieving your dream home.

“ I love telling everyone about the KonMari Method™ and how much Andie helped transform our home. It feels so wonderful to have space. I proudly show off my drawers and cupboards to everyone who visits. I now have a feeling of freedom - liberation from clutter!”
Client H

Ready to banish clutter forever?